Patrik Polc will continue with Corona Brașov.

The Slovak goalkeeper, holder of Romanian citizenship 🇸🇰🇷🇴Patrik Polc (35 years old) extended his contract for another season with our team.

Coming to Brașov before the 2010/2011 season and with only one interruption season (2015/2016 season, when he played in Slovakia), Patrik will start the tenth season in Brașov.

He is also one of the main goalkeepers of 🇷🇴Romania, defending – so far – the goal of the national team in 14 games.

He was one of the two “guardian angels” of the Romanian national team’s goal to win the “IB Division” and access to the second echelon of world hockey, in the 3 games in which he was a starter with a percentage of 93.8% shots defended .

We are glad to have you with us!