Pavlo Borysenko, another season with the “wolves”.

The best Romanian defender, Pavlo Borysenko (33 years old), extended his contract for another season with our club.

Holding Romanian citizenship, Pavlo is also the best defender of the Romanian national team. He played “under the Romanian flag” – so far – in 11 official games (in which he scored 18 points).
Pavlo’s most important goal in Romania’s shirt was the winning goal from the extra time of the game against Poland, a goal that “weighed” decisively in the economy of Romania’s qualification in the second “world echelon”.

From 2014 in Romania, after evolving at CSA Steaua Bucharest and Progym Gheorgheni, Pavlo will start the third season with Corona Brașov.

In the previous two seasons he proved to be one of the best players of the team so we are glad that he will stay with us.

In the 2019/2020 season, Pavlo Borysenko scored for Corona Brașov a number of 39 points (11 goals and 28 assists) in 46 games in the regular season of the Erste Liga.