Péter Balázs-Szabolcs, another “wolfpack” year.

One of the most spectacular and technical strikers of our team, Péter Balázs-Szabolcs (23 years old), extended his contract for another season with our team.

Raised in German hockey until 2017 (from where in 2014 he also received a “draft prospect card” in the “European skater” category, being close to a draft for the NHL), Péter came to Brasov hockey before the 2018/2019 season, becoming and national champion with our team.

He is a player with special qualities and an undisputed starter in the attack of the Romanian national team.
In the previous season he managed to score 42 points in 49 games in the regular season of the Erste League.

We are glad to have you with us for another season!