Peter Balazs-Szabolcs joined the “wolfpack” for the season 2018-2019.

A last transfer has been made in order to complete Corona’s team for the season 2018-2019. It is about/ we are talking about a 21-year-old forward named Peter Balazs-Szabolcs who played the last season at Fehervari Titanok.

Peter plays as left wing, is 181 cm tall and weights 80 kgs and is originating from Miercurea Ciuc, being in a position of a local player in our team. He played many consecutive seasons in Germany at Krefelder EV 1981 and at Neusser but the last season he played for Fehervari Titanok in Hungary.

Regarding this transfer, Emilian Cernica mentioned:

“Once the contract was signed by Peter Balazs, the transfer period came to an end. At least in theory, the team is complete at this date. There has been a real stressful time for me and Greg Lindqvist, in the sense that we tried to create a well-balanced, powerful team with which we would approach the next season. Peter Balazs next to other young hockey players, is a player we’ve observed during the last season together with the coach Marius Trandafir ad we’ve decided in consultation with Greg to ask him to play for us. He signed a two-year-contract with the possibility of an extension, being a young player full of potential, he will hopefully get settled in a team where he practically knows all the players. I welcome him to Brasov”