Regular season 2018-2019 schedule in Erste Liga was established!

Erste Liga 2018-2019 season of ice hockey will start in 9th of Septmber with two games: Ferencvárosi TC – DEAC Debrecen and KMH Budapesta – Vienna Capitals II. Corona Brașov Wolves will start the season away from home, in a three games trip, first game will be played in 14 of September with Vienna Capitals II.
First home game will be in 21st of September in Brasov’s Olympic Ice rink with DEAD Debrecen.
In the regular season, each team will play with the other teams 4 games, 2 home and 2 away, this will mean 40 games for every included team.

The Corona Brasov Wolves schedule in the regular season will be:
14.09, away with EV Vienna Capitals II;
16.09, away with Fehérvári Titánok;
17.09, away with Dunaújvárosi Acélbikák
21.09, home with DEAC Debrecen;
23.09, home with Vasas Budapesta;
24.09, away with Sport Club Csíkszereda;
28.09, home with Vienna Capitals II;
01.10, home with HK Gheorghieni;
05.10, away with DEAC Debrecen;
07.10, away with Vasas Budapesta;
08.10, away with Ferencvárosi TC;
12.10, home with Dunaújvárosi Acélbikák;
14.10, home with UTE;
19.10, home with Vasas Budapesta;
22.10, away with HK Gheorghieni;
25.10, away with Fehérvári Titánok;
26.10, away with KMH Budapesta;
28.10, away with UTE;
29.10, away with Vasas Budapesta;
01.11, home with Sport Club Csíkszereda;
02.11, home with Fehérvári Titánok;
16.11, home with UTE;
18.11, home with KHM Budapesta;
19.11, away with HK Gheorghieni;
23,11, away with UTE;
25.11, away with Dunaújvárosi Acélbikák;
26.11, away with DEAC Debrecen;
02,12, away with Ferencvárosi TC;
03,12, away with Sport Club Csíkszereda;
07.12, home with Fehérvári Titánok;
09.12, home with Dunaújvárosi Acélbikák;
04.01, away with KHM Budapesta;
06.01, away with Vienna Capitals II;
07.01, away with Ferencvárosi TC;
11,01, home with DEAC Debrecen;
13.01, home with Ferencvárosi TC;
14.01, home with HK Gheorghieni;
18.01, home with Vienna Capitals;
20.01, home with KHM Budapesta;
21.01, home with Sport Club Csíkszereda