Romanian Cup 2019/2020: groups and schedule

Between December 18-22, the Brasov Olympic Rink will host the tournament counting for the Romanian Cup 2019/2020.

The teams were divided into two groups (depending on the position occupied in the national championship 2018/2019) as follows:

 Group A:

– CSM Corona Brașov;

– ACSH Gheorgheni;

– Student Sport;

Group B:

– CSM Galați;

– Sport Club Miercurea-Ciuc;

– CSA Steaua Bucharest;

The program is as follows:

December 18th:

– CSM Galați vs. CSA Steaua Bucuresti;

– CSM CORONA BRAȘOV vs. Sportul Studentesc;

December 19th:

– Sport Club Miercurea-Ciuc vs. CSA Steaua Bucuresti;

– ACSH Gheorgheni vs. Sportul Studentesc;

December 20:

-CSM Galați vs. Sport Club Miercurea-Ciuc;

– CSM CORONA BRAȘOV vs. ACSH Gheorgheni;

December 21st: break day;

December 22nd:

– the small final (2nd place in Group A vs. 2nd place in Group B);

– BIG FINAL (1st place in group A vs. 1st place in group B).

* Subsequently, the hours of the games will be communicated.