SC Csikszereda – Brașov Wolves: 5-2 (1-1, 1-1, 3-0).

Due to unavailability in the group, our team appeared yesterday in Miercurea-Ciuc, for the game against the local team SC Csikszereda, with a young team and no less than 9 players formed by the junior groups of our club in the starting team .

It was the debut game in our senior team and for the brothers Marton Buda (16 years old, goalkeeper) and Gabor Buda (20 years old, striker).

Even so, the “wolves” gave a very bold line for two periods, even managing to lead on the table, despite the very aggressive game and sometimes lacking fair play of opponents.

Finally, the hosts managed to prevail in the third period, when they scored three goals.

For our team scored Pavlo Borysenko (in the 13’18 “, assisted by Balazs Gajdo) and Roberto Gliga (in the 31’19”, assisted by Zsombor Molnar).

For our team, the game against the ACSH Gheorgheni team will follow, on Sunday, at 17:30, on the ice of the Brașov Olympic Ice Rink, which will also count for both the regular season of the national championship and of the Erste League.