Starting the 1st of November, Corona Brasov will also have a girls’ hockey team.

In response to several requests, Corona Brasov will set up a girls’ hockey team. The head coach of this team at Corona Brasov will be Ana Voicu, the captain of the national team in Romania. The national team which includes Ana Voicu will attend the World Female Championship between April 1-7 2019 on the Olympic Ice Rink in Brasov.

“We will start with girls’ teams from the youngest categories but the point is to get to a senior team as soon as possible which will be able to play in the national championship. Ana Voicu is somehow a player formed in Brasov, she is a student at the Transilvania University here, so I am convinced that she will continue to give her best at Corona Brasov because she is totally dedicated to this sport. On this occasion, we will also mark the beginning of girls’ hockey in Brasov. This is a really good thing because this sport is gaining more and more ground so it is the right moment to respond to all the requests and to finally open the girls’ hockey section. Even more so, the International Ice Hockey Federation is very focused on girls’ hockey and on the events related to it, which will also include the World Championship in Brasov. The fact the we were given the opportunity to organize the World Female Championship in 2019 is a great honour for us and also for Brasov and a great recognition for all the work we do here. Anyway, I am truly convinced that Brasov will become one national and very important hockey centre in Romania which will produce valuable hockey players. Currently, we have the U12 and U14 teams which participate to the Hungarian Championship and I really think that at least one of them will be the winner of the competition” – declared Emilian Cernica, the president of the ice hockey department at Corona Brasov.