The Canadian Craig Cescon became a “wolf”!

Another Canadian joined the “wolfpack” in Brasov! We are talking about the 31-year-old Craig Cescon, an experienced defenseman. Cescon is a massive player with a height of 187 cm and a weight of 95 kilograms. During his career, until now, he played in Canada, USA, France, Poland and Great Britain. He played the last two seasons in EIHL, in the strong league of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, being a part of the first line in the many games he performed in.

“Craig is a massive defenseman, who is not avoiding any physical contact. He is, actually, what we need this season in order to make our team stronger and I am very happy that he accepted to be a part of our roster. He will wear the number 32 and we welcome him to the “wolfpack” – declared Greg Lindqvist, the head coach from Corona Brasov Wolves.