The official training started at CSM Corona Brașov.

If until now the trainings on the ice of the Brașov Olympic IceRink were led by the second Levente Zsok and Rajmond Fülop, starting today the head coach took over the role of the team.

Dave MacQueen, assisted by the two second coaches, led the first training session for the new season.

Some of the foreign players who signed contracts with our team also showed up at training: Josh McFadden, Tomas Klempa, Carlo Finucci and Cody Carlson.

Olivier Dame-Malka will arrive in Brașov tomorrow and in the following days the Russian Albert Zagidullin will join the group.

In the next few days, the roster of our team will be finalized, and we will present the last players who will join the “wolves” for the 2020/2021 season.