The swede Mikael Lidhammar has been transferred to Corona Brasov.

Mikael Lidhammar, an experienced Swedish forward, arrived in the “wolves” team. Aged 30, Lidhammar is 182 cm and 91 kgs.

During his career, he played in the elite league of Sweden, SHL, for the team Lulea, in the city he was born in, but he also played in this country’s first league, Allsvenskan, for the team named IK Oskarshamn.

The last three seasons he played in the league of Great Britain, EIHL, for Dundee Stars and Guildford Flames, scoring 35 goals.

“Mikael is a fast player, having a really high speed on ice. He is a hard-working guy and will certainly do everything he can to make the team even more successful. He has a rich experience, only thinking about the 154 games in the first league of Sweden he recently played. He joined the “wolfpack” this season and will play with number 20. I am happy that we can count on him and we wish him good luck.” said Greg Lindqvist, head coach at Corona Brasov Wolves.