The Ukrainian Pavlo Borisenko has been transferred to Corona Brasov!

Pavlo Borysenko signed with Corona Brasov, being a new “wolf” that arrived at the team which will be prepared this season by Greg Lindqvist! Pavlo Borysenko was born in Ukraine, 30 years ago. During his career, he played in (many) teams from Ukraine, Belarus, Latvia, Kazakhstan and Romania. The last four seasons he played for Steaua and Progym Gheorgheni, as forward but for Corona he will play as a defenceman. He is a massive, versatile player, being 182 cm tall and weighing 80 kilograms. The last two seasons, he played every time in the Romanian and Ukrainian playoffs.

“Borysenko is one of the local players that we brought to Brasov this season. He is a massive, versatile player that we want to use the next season more in defence, where he proved himself, at least during the games against us from the last season. I would like to welcome him to Brasov and wish him the best of luck in our team” – declared Emilian Cernica, the president of the hockey department from Corona Brasov.