The “wolves” also defeat DEAC and become the leaders of the Erste League.

Tonight, Corona “Wolves” Brașov managed to win a new game in the regular season of the Erste League, defeating the Hungarian team DEAC with the score of 4-1 (0-0, 3-1, 1-0).

Thus, even if the “wolves” have three games less than the teams ranked 2nd and 3rd: MAC HK Újbuda and FTC Telekom Budapest, they managed to climb to the first position in the standings, collecting 33 points after 13 games.

After a first period without goals, the guests opened the score in the second one in minute 26’41 “through Ferenc Kozma.

Our team managed to balance the game with an equalizer in the 33’48 “, when Ede Mihaly made the most of Balazs Gajdo’s pass.

In the 37’11”, the “wolves” took the lead on the scoreboard, the young striker of Brașov, Andrei Vasile, managing to score the 2-1 goal, being assisted by Ben Wilson and Daniel Trancă.

A few tens of seconds later, in the 38th minute, Carlo Finucci managed to score after a numerical superiority, being assisted by defenders Cody Carlson and Josh McFadden.

3-1 in favor of our team after two periods!

In the third period, the wolves managed to stay in control of the game and even managed to increase their advantage, the same Carlo Finucci scoring (in the empty net, after the guests took out their goalkeeper to attack in numerical superiority), being assisted by Radim Valchar.

Way to go “Wolves”!