The “wolves” are in the final of the national championship.

Tonight, the “wolves” managed to win the third game of the semifinal of the national championship against the team from Gheorgheni.

Gheorgheni – Corona “Wolves” Brașov: 3-8 (1-0, 2-3, 0-5).

The “Wolves” were very focused on the game and showed more physical freshness than their opponents and managed to cut the semifinal in the style of a great team.

Even if after the first period they were led 1-0, Daniel Trancă equalized in the 25’11 “minute, with an exceptional execution.

Gheorgheni took the lead in the 34’43” but two minutes later the same Daniel Trancă equalized at 2-2.

The tie lasted just one minute, with the hosts taking the lead again.

But in a few tens of seconds the “wolves” reacted like a great team, Ben Wilson creating the 3-3 goal phase, scored by Carlo Finucci.

After two periods the score was equal: 3-3.

The third period was easily dominated by our team, which had a better pace and more freshness.

Cody Fowlie (43’22 “), Tomas Klempa (44’04”) and Carlo Finucci (46’02 – after an attack phase also “Ben Wilson brand”) distanced our team to three goals in less than three minutes.

The table was closed by the young Balazs Gajdo who managed to pass in his account a “double” in no time (49’28” and 50’05”).

It was a very beautiful and cursive game, with our team scoring goals “per minute” in the important moments and which obtained a more than conclusive victory.

And tonight our goalkeeper Patrik Polc managed a great game also, blocking no less than 35 shots.

The last act of the season follows, the final of the Romanian national championship, against the winner of the semifinal 2 between CSM Galați and SC Miercurea-Ciuc. At the moment, the Ciucans lead with the score of 2-1 “at general”, the next game of the semifinal being scheduled for tomorrow.