“The wolves” come back with three points from Miercurea Ciuc!

If on Sunday our team returned with only one point from Miercurea Ciuc, today – in a game that only counted for the national championship of Romania – the “wolves” managed to award all three points.

SC Miercurea Ciuc – Corona Brașov: 1-2 (0-0, 1-2, 0-0).

☑️Markers: Kurtis McLean / Peter Balazs, J.F. Plants.

After a very contested first period but with no goals, the hosts opened the scoring in the second period – in the 28’18 “minute of the game – by Canadian Kurtis McLean, who took advantage of numerical superiority.

But the “wolves” relaunched the game and in the 38’15 minute, Levente Zsok passed on to Peter Balazs and he resumed spectacularly in the hosts’ gate.

In the 39’25 “Pavlo Borysenko passes Roberto Gliga, the captain shoots strong, his shot is blocked by the home keeper until J.F. Plante shoots wide.

In the third period the home team looked for the equalizer but our team was very tactical, managing to keep the score unchanged.

For our team there is a “mini-tournament” in Hungary, between September 20-23 with three away games scheduled in the Erste League with Schiller-Vasas (September 20), Ferencvaros (September 22) and Fehervari Titanok (September 23).