The “wolves” continue the series of victories in Hungary.

The hockey players of the “Wolves” CSM Brașov managed the third consecutive victory in the Erste League this beginning of the season, managing to defeat the local UTE team in Budapest.

UTE – Corona Brașov: 2-4 (1-2, 1-1, 0-1).

For our team scored:

✓in the 5th and 45th minutes: French defender Olivier Damme-Malka (assisted by Radim Valchar and Tomas Klempa).

✓in the 10th and 51st minutes: Andrei Vasile (assisted by Zalán Szőcs and Rareș Vasile – who will turn 18 on October 9).
It was the second goal scored by the talented brothers from Brasov, Andrei and Rareș Vasile, at the beginning of this season.

✓in the 35th and 15th seconds: Captain Roberto Gliga (assisted by Tomas Klempa and Péter Balázs-Szabolcs).

✓in the 59th minute and 17 seconds: Carlo Finucci (with the empty net, assisted by Pavlo Borysenko).

So far, the “wolves” have collected 8 points after 3 games (goal difference 12-5) and climbed to the first position in the league standings.

The next game of the “wolves” will take place on October 9, also in Budapest, against the FTC Telekom team and we hope that the “wolves” will make a “birthday gift” of 3 points to their colleague Rareș Vasile.