The “wolves” equalizes the series after a great team “comeback”: DEAC – Corona “Wolves” Brașov: 5-7 (4-2, 1-4, 0-1).

Tonight our team entered the ice at Debrecen to draw 2-2 in the semifinals against DEAC.

The game started very well for the “wolves”, in the 01’52” Daniel Trancă opening the score from Zoltán Molnár’s pass.

The advantage of our team did not last long, the hosts equalizing after a minute.

In the 07’59” , the “wolves” took the lead again through Zsombor Molnár’s goal, which received an excellent pass from Radim Valchar.

Unfortunately, towards the end of the half the hosts scored twice and entered the locker room with the score of 4-2.

At the beginning of the second period, the hosts scored again, bringing the score to 5-2.

It was a time when probably few Brasov fans still believed that the team could return to the game.

And yet after, in the 27th minute, Josh McFadden managed to reduce the difference with a goal in numerical inferiority, the “wolves” went wild.

Our team would score three more times by the end of the second period and take the lead:

In the 31’33” Péter Balázs scores being assisted by Huba Bors and Daniel Trancă.

In the 32nd minute, Tomas Klempa also scored, assisted by Radim Valchar and Zsombor Molnár.

And in the 39’47” the “wolves” take the lead through Daniel Trancă’s goal, which was assisted by Peter Balázs and Zoltán Molnár.

In the third period, the “wolves” played very smart and managed to keep their advantage.

They even managed to score once again, in the 57’57”, through Zoltán Molnár (with the empty net) who received a pass from Péter Balázs.

Game 5 of the series is scheduled in Brasov, on Tuesday, starting at 18:30.