The “wolves” games have been set for the rest of the season in Erste League.

The Erste Liga program has been established for the rest of the season as well.

But the conduct of the games will also take into account the epidemiological situation of each team at that time.

In fact, the games that the “wolves” should have played on November 10 and 11 against the Sport Club Miercurea Ciuc team and on November 15 and 16 against the ACSH Gheorgheni team, were postponed by the FRHG, due to the epidemiological situation of the teams from the championship, for a date to be determined later.

By the end of 2020, our team will have to play the following games:

✓20.11.2020: Corona “Wolves” Brașov – FTC Telekom;

✓22.11.2020: Corona “Wolves” Brașov – Titanok;

✓23.11.2020: Corona “Wolves” Brașov – Dunaujvarosi Acelbikak;

✓ 28.11.2020: Corona “Wolves” Brașov – UTE;

✓30.11.2020: Corona “Wolves” Brașov – MAC HKB Ujbuda;

✓02.12.2020: Corona “Wolves” Brașov – Opten Vasas HC;

✓07.12.2020: ACSH Gheorgheni – Corona “Wolves” Brașov;

✓08.12.2020: ACSH Gheorgheni – Corona “Wolves” Brașov;

✓11.12.2020: Corona “Wolves” Brașov – DEAC;

13.12.2020: Corona “Wolves” Brașov – Sport Club Miercurea Ciuc;

14.12.2020: Corona “Wolves” Brașov – Sport Club Miercurea Ciuc;