The “wolves” return from Hungary with 7 points

Corona Brașov manages to return with 7 points after the 3 games of the trip from Hungary, with two victories (against the teams Schiller Vasas and HK Budapest) and a game given in the extra round of overtime (in Debrecen, in front of the team D.E.A.C.).

Thus, our team climbs to the 3rd place of the Erste League, after 18 games played, gathering 36 points in the standings.

The results of our team in this trip:
☑Schiller Vasas – Corona Brașov: 2-4 (1-1, 1-1, 0-2).
For our team they scored:
Levente Zsok (Pavlo Borysenko, Daniel Trancă);
Biro Matyas (Roberto Gliga);
Peter Balazs (Pavlo Borysenko);
JF Plante

☑HK Budapest – Corona Brasov: 1-5 (1-1, 0-0, 0-4).
For our team they scored:
Cody Fowlie (Roberto Gliga);
Logan Stephenson (Nelson Armstrong, Cody Fowlie);
Peter Balazs (Balazs Gajdo, Ede Mihaly);
JF Plante *2 (Cody Fowlie, Roberto Gliga);

☑D.E.A.C. – Corona Brașov: 5-4 OT (1-1, 1-1, 2-2, 1-0).
For our team they scored:
Roberto Gliga (Pavlo Borysenko);
Peter Balazs (Pavlo Borysenko, Otto Biro);
Cody Fowlie (Pavlo Borysenko);
Nelson Armstrong (Daniel Trancă)

The next game of Corona Brașov will be played on November 17th in Brasov with the DEAC team, as all 3 ones from November 9th (Sapitentia U23), November 12th and 13th (CSM Galati) counting for the Romanian national championship have been postponed for data subsequent.