The “wolves” schedule for December.

Following some last minute changes, we present our team’s new competition program for December:

✓on December 7, our team will play an away game in the Erste League, against the ACSH Gheorgheni team.

✓on December 10, on the ice of the Olympic Skating Rink in Brașov, our team will receive the visit of the Hungarian team MAC HK Ujbuda.

✓on December 11, our team will meet, also in Brașov, the Hungarian DEAC team.

✓If the program undergoes changes or additions we will inform you in due time.

On December 15, the “wolves” will travel to Galați, where the Romania 2020 Cup will take place.

The two group games will take place according to the following schedule: on December 16 against the Student Sports team and on December 18 against the ACSH Gheorgheni team.

Following that on December 20, the small final and the grand final of the competition will take place.