Titánok – Corona “Wolves” Brașov: 2-5 (1-4, 0-1, 1-0).

Tonight, the “wolves” reputed a new victory in the Erste League, defeating Titánok away in Győr.

For our team scored:

“In 01’18”:Pavlo Borysenko (pp, assisted by Daniel Trancă and Cody Carlson).

In 09’47 “: Pavlo Borysenko (assisted by Zsombor Molnar).

In 15’12 “: Daniel Trancă.

✅In 18’18 “: Zsombor Molnar (assisted by Cody Fowlie and Cody Carlson).

In 38’37 “: Oliver Damme-Malka (assisted by Josh McFadden).

The next game of our team in this trip will take place on January 21, in Debrecen, against the DEAC team.

Then, the “wolves” will return to Brașov, following a series of games on their own ice.