Victory of the “wolves” with the Hungarian FTC Telekom team.

Our team managed to return very well in the Erste League, after the period of inactivity caused by the Covid-19 virus, managing to win in overtime the best team of the last two seasons of the league, the Hungarian team FTC Telekom.

We can’t help notice the special shape with which our goalkeeper – and the Romanian national team – Zoltan Toke returned to the game, who managed to “defend everything”, having a percentage of 100% after 64 minutes and 21 seconds of playing.

After three very balanced periods, during which both teams had chances to score but “hit” the two goalkeepers in great shape, the guest goalkeeper being one of the goalkeepers of the Hungarian national team and the goalkeeper of the “wolves” one of the goalkeepers national team of Romania), the game entered the “overtime” period of 5 minutes played 3 vs. 3.

Even though both teams had chances to score, the “wolves” managed to give the shot in the 64th minute and 21 seconds, the Czech (but naturalized Romanian) player Radim Valchar managing to score the “two-point” goal being assisted by Roberto Gliga and Cody Carlson.

The “Wolves”, which are the best ranked sports team in Brasov, will play the next game also “at home”, on Monday, starting at 18:30, against the Hungarian team Dunaújvárosi Acélbikák.

Our team ranks 4th in the Erste League, with only six games played (and only one defeat, goal difference 21-12). The first three ranked teams, MAC Ujbuda, FTC Telekom and DEAC have 11, 12 and 10 games played respectively, so that our team can recover the difference in points compared to the first ranked.