Welcome to Brasov, Patrik Machala!

Our club also managed to obtain the signature of the Czech striker – who also holds 🇷🇴Romanian citizenship – Patrik Machala (28 years old).

✅Patrik was born in the Czech Republic, in the city of Unicov and trained at the academy of the HC Olomouc club.
He managed to acquire Romanian citizenship in 2018, thanks to his Romanian origins.

✅It is not his first contact with Brasov hockey, he was “on tests” for our team in the 2014/2015 season, when he also submitted his file for acquiring citizenship.

In 2019 he returned to Romanian hockey, signing with CSM Galați.

After two seasons in Galați, during which time he proved to be a valuable striker, he decided to move to Liga Erste, signing a contract with our team.

✅In the two seasons in Galați he played in 54 games in the national championship, scoring 63 points (24 goals and 39 assists).

✅He was also “in the sights” of coach Julius Penzes, still being a solution for the future actions of the national team, being “eligible” according to the IIHF regulations after the two seasons in CNH.

✅He is a fast striker with a positive attitude, who lends himself very well to the offensive and spectacular style of play of the “wolves”.