“Wolves” lead 2-0 in the semifinal with ACSH Gheorgheni.

Corona “Wolves” Brașov – ACSH Gheorgheni: 6-4 (3-0, 2-1, 1-3).

Last night, our team managed to win the second game of the semifinal of the national championship against ACSH Gheorgheni and thus leads “in general” with the score of 2-0.

The game started ideally for the “wolves”, Cody Carlson (assisted by Albert Zagidullin) opening the score in minute 03’36 “.

In the 08’12”, the same Cody Carlson increased the difference, taking advantage of a numerical superiority, being assisted by Josh McFadden.

In the 11’37”, Radim Valchar (assisted by Tomas Klempa and Daniel Trancă) took the score to 3-0.

3-0 was also the score after the first period.

The second period started ideally for the “wolves”, the same Radim Valchar scoring in the 27’36” for 3-0 (in numerical superiority) being assisted by Tomas Klempa and Daniel Trancă.

In the 29th minute, Josh McFadden managed to make the score 5-0, after a goal in numerical inferiority (assisted by Zoltan Molnar and Zsombor Molnar).

By the end of the period, the guests managed to score for 5-1.

After two periods, our team led with the score of 5-1.

Even if in the first part of the third period the guests scored two goals, reducing the difference to 5-3, in the 56’49” our striker Radim Valchar scored for 6-3 (being assisted by Daniel Trancă), achieving a “hattrick.”

In the 57’08”, the guests scored once more, the final score remaining 6-4 in favor of our team.

The next game is scheduled in Gheorgheni, on Sunday, and our team needs one more victory to qualify for the national championship final.