“Wolves” manage to win in Budapest and lead in the series of quarterfinals of the Erste League with 3-0

Tonight, our team managed a new victory counting for the series of quarterfinals of the Erste League against the Hungarian team Opten Vasas.

After the two victories in Brasov, the wolves managed to win in Budapest, leading 3-0 “at general score”.

Opten Vasas – Corona “Wolves” Brașov: 0-3 (0-0, 0-1, 0-2).

After a goalless first period, in the second one the “wolves” managed to open the scoring through Zsombor Molnár (who deflected Olivier Damme-Malka’s shot into Károly Tóth’s goal).

In the third period, the “wolves” dominated the game with authority and managed to score twice through Roberto Gliga and Carlo Finucci.

Tomorrow will take place, also in Budapest, the fourth game of the series, and in case of a victory of the “wolves” they will qualify for the semifinals of the Erste League.