“Wolves” statistics after the first trip of the season and “up-to-date” information about the team.


Despite the fact that two of the games of Corona “Wolves” Brașov from this first trip of the season were postponed – those with MAC-HKB Ujbuda and Titanok – due to the fact that the opponents could not have aligned the minimum number of players on the game sheet (due to suspicions of infection with COVID 19), our team is on the 1st place in the competition with only five games played.


 The “Wolves” won points from all 5 games (three wins in regulation time, one victory in overtime and one defeat in overtime), managing to collect 12 points in the standings.


The team’s results were as follows:

✓ 🇭🇺DEAC – 🇷🇴Corona “Wolves” Brașov: 3-4 (OT). They scored for the “wolves”: Tomas Klempa, Roberto Gliga, Radim Valchar and Olivier Damme-Malka.

✓🇭🇺Opten Vasas HC – 🇷🇴Corona “Wolves” Brașov: 0-4. They scored for the “wolves”: Andrei Vasile, Cody Carlson and Radim Valchar twice.

✓🇭🇺UTE – 🇷🇴Corona “Wolves” Brașov: 2-4. They scored for the “wolves”: Olivier Damme-Malka, Andrei Vasile, Roberto Gliga and Carlo Finucci.

✓🇭🇺FTC Telekom – 🇷🇴Corona “Wolves” Brașov: 4-6. They scored for the “wolves”: Tomas Klempa twice, Daniel Trancă, Carlo Finucci, Cody Carlson and Zsombor Molnar.

✓🇭🇺Dunaújvárosi Acélbikák – 🇷🇴Corona “Wolves” Brașov: 3-2 (OT). Olivier Damme-Malka and Radim Valchar scored for the “wolves”.


The good line in the standings is also reflected on the goal average, our team maintaining a positive goal average of +8 (20 goals scored and only 12 received).


The main markers of our team after this trip are:

✓ 🇨🇿🇷🇴Radim Valchar: 9 points (4 goals and 5 “assists”).

✓🇸🇰Tomas Klempa: 7 points (3 goals and 4 “assists”).

✓🇷🇴Roberto Gliga: 6 points (2 goals and 4 “assists”).

✓🇨🇦🇲🇫Olivier Damme-Malka: 4 points (3 goals and an “assist”).

✓🇨🇦🇮🇹Carlo Finucci: 4 points (2 goals and 2 assists).

✓🇺🇦🇷🇴Pavlo Borysenko: 4 points (4 “assists”).

✓🇷🇴Peter Balazs: 3 points (3 “assists”).

✓🇨🇦Cody Carlson: 2 points (2 goals).

✓🇷🇴Andrei Vasile: 2 points (2 goals).

✓🇷🇴Zsombor Molnar: 2 points (1 goal and an “assist”).

🥅Also, the goalkeepers did a great job in this move, with the following percentage:

✓🇷🇴Zoltan Toke: a percentage of 92.31% (defended the goal of the “wolves” in three games).

✓🇸🇰🇷🇴Patrik Polc: a percentage of 94.50% (defended the goal of the “wolves” in two games).


 “Wolves” were also one of the most disciplined teams in the league so far, the players of our team gathering in 5 games only 32 minutes of penalty, the most “penalized” players not exceeding a number of 6 minutes of penalty (three penalties of two minutes each in the five games).


Thus, it can be seen that the “technical staff” of the “wolves”, consisting of coaches 🇨🇦Dave MacQueen, 🇷🇴Levente Zsok and 🇷🇴Rajmond Fülop managed to build a very competitive and disciplined team, despite the fact that – from due to the restrictions imposed by the pandemic – no training games could be played and the ice debut took place in the official games.


This is also the strategy of the “wolves” for this season: a very well connected, united and disciplined team, the collective strength of the team having to prevail.


It is good to let you know that – so far – there are no medical problems in the group of “wolves”, the players preparing in full in Brașov for the debut in the national championship, scheduled for October 22 against CSM Galați team.