“Wolves” won the first game of the semifinal of the national championship.

Last night, in the first game of the semifinal of the national championship, our team managed to defeat ACSH Gheorgheni, with the score of 5-4 after over time.

Corona “Wolves” Brașov – ACSH Gheorgheni: 5-4 OT (1-1, 3-1, 0-2, 1-0)

After the visitors opened the scoring in the 05’21 minute through our former player Gergo Biro, the “wolves” managed to equalize in the last minute of the first period through Zsombor Molnar, who scored with an unstoppable shot near the opponent’s net. He was assisted by Huba Bors and Ede Mihaly.

Our team started the second period very well and in the 27’42” Tomas Klempa (assisted by Daniel Trancă and Carlo Finucci) managed to score the 2-1 goal, taking advantage of a numerical superiority.

In the 31’42 minute, Daniel Trancă scored the 3-1 goal, being assisted by Radim Valchar and Huba Bors.

No minute difference, in the 32’23”, Radim Valchar managed to score the 4-1 goal (being assisted by Huba Bors).

Towards the end of the second period, the guests managed to reduce the difference through another former player of our team: Peter Zsolt.

In the third period, the guests managed to reduce the difference again in the 49’06”.

In the second half of the period, the guest striker Akos Szigety collided with a player of our team, in the fall he “jumped” his helmet and hit his head on the ice surface, requiring medical attention.
He was transported to Brașov County Hospital and – according to the club from Gheorgheni – is in good condition.
We wish him a speedy recovery!

Towards the end of the period, the guests managed to equalize, so it was “over-time”.

In the 69’32”, after an effort by our striker Tomas Klempa, who managed to recover a shot, Daniel Trancă scored the winning goal with a placed shot.

Tonight, starting with 18:30, the second game of the series will take place – also in Brașov.

We remind you that the series will be included in the “best team of five game” system.