“Wolves” write history! Corona “Wolves” Brașov becomes – for the fourth time !!! – the Romanian ice hockey champion.

Corona Brașov brings a new title of champions to our city, winning the fourth title in ice hockey in the history of the club (and the fifth in the hockey history of Brașov).

This confirms once again the hockey tradition of our city, the trophy of champions of Romania remaining in the place where the first ice hockey championship in the history of Romania was played (won by the Brașovia Brașov team).

The “wolves” who were also “en-titre” champions of Romania, proved a special character and managed to defend their title on the ice, in front of the SC Miercurea-Ciuc team.

Even if they had been led 0-2 “in general” after the first two games and even if at the first break of the game 3 Couc’s officials were already “polishing” the champions trophy, preparing for the awards because their team was leading 3-0 , the “wolves” did not give up for a second and managed to “detour” the situation and bring this decisive game to Brașov.

A game for history and for the enrichment of the sports record of our city.
And our players treated it as such and came in very motivated on the ice.

Corona “Wolves” Brașov – SC Miercurea Ciuc: 4-3 (2-1, 0-1, 2-1).

In the 08’26”, the” wolves “were already opening the scoring through Canadian defender Josh McFadden, who was assisted by captain Roberto Gliga.

In the 11’03”, captain Roberto Gliga (player present on the ice in all 4 titles of champions of our team !!!) managed to score for 2-0, being assisted by Josh McFadden and Carlo Finucci.

But in the last second of the first period, the Ciucans managed to equalize, through the Russian defender Alexander Loginov.

In the second period, only the guest scored, through Judd Blackwater who took the score to 2-2 in the 30’28”.

The third period began with a new goal by the guests, the same Alexander Loginov scoring in the 37th second of “act 3”.

The “wolves” attacked in waves and – in the 54’39”- the Slovak striker Tomas Klempa scored for 3-3 (being assisted by Pavlo Borysenko and Radim Valchar).

In the 55th minute, our Canadian striker Cody Fowlie managed to take advantage of Alexander Loginov’s blunder and scored for 4-3, defeating the Belarusian goalkeeper of the guests: Maxim Samankou.

It was the goal that decided the championship and that kept the Romanian champions trophy in Brașov.

Thanks, guys! We are proud of you!